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Event Management Tycoon

Category: Board Game, a project of personal favor

Span: May 2021

Position: Chief Game Designer, member of a team of three

Responsibilities: project management, game design, graphic design, building prototype on Tabletop Simulator

I made this board game for my girlfriend Wenjian and her friend Ziyu, studying Event Management. The idea was to create a strategy board game themed on the event industry. Since I’m not an industry insider, I designed a template for business board games. I then discussed with others to fill it with event-related content. The product was a competitive board game for 2-8 players. When designing the graphics, I made card templates and the game board. The game turned out to be quite fun and loved by everyone from their class. To further improve it, I need to simplify the currency. It currently requires too many calculations and actions. I gained valuable experience for scenarios as party B and polished my board game designing skills from this project.

Game Walkthrough
Game Board & Game Pieces


  • Each player plays as the Event manager

  • Be the Biggest Event Management Tycoon in the US within 9 Years Range

Rules of the Game

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