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Category: Experimental Interactive Story, a project of Hypercinema class

Span: December 2019

Position: My own project

This is my final project for Hypercinema class. I created an interactive experience for participants with nothing but a cellphone and a video I uploaded on Youtube for this project. When presenting, the participant will listen to a story and make choices based on circumstances. And the setting of the story is a normal day of “you” five years before a science-fictional future. And the instructions are below:

The video is just for previewing the piece. To actually play and engage the piece, use your cellphone and follow the following instructions.

  • First, pull up a cell phone and make sure the “Portrait Orientation Lock” is on.

  • Second, open the Youtube app and search “Prelude, Jianhao Ma, Hypercinema.”

  • Third, open the video named after that, pause it right away, and enter the entire screen.

  • Fourth, place the phone facing up and horizontally on your desk, making sure the charging jack is facing right. 

  • Finally, start the video and wait for the story to begin.

The approach I made was not 100% original, to be honest. It was inspired by board game logic. In role-playing board games, cards representing different outcomes' incidents use similar mechanics to tell a multi-linear story. And the setting of the story is one of my random spark ideas stored in my recorder. Each end is like a piece of the jigsaw. Putting them all together, you will have this world setting of a science-fictional future. And there reveals my discussion about morality and social problems about the existence of a certain technology.

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