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Parallel Lines


Medium: Video Game Demo and Design Document

Project Type: Group project in school

Date: 4/5/2023, 12/21/2022

Gameplay Demo Screen Recording

Super Rolling is a third-person, speed running, rhythm, simulation game. In the game, the player controls a ball that is spontaneously rolling forward. The track is segmented channels in the shape of a pentagon prism. At the ends of each channel, there are five teleporters, one on each face of the channel. The ball has to enter the teleporter of the word that correctly describes the ball’s color to teleport to the next segmented channel. Entering a teleporter of the same color of the ball but with a wrong corresponding word will result in subtracting one life for the player. The initial life count is two. For each play, the speed of the ball will increase with the game length. And in the later stages of the game, the rule changes. Instead of using only colors to mislead players, the distraction might also be shapes and voiceovers. And the longer the distance traveled, the higher the score is. There is also background music that fits the pace of the gameplay. Each segmented channel in the game has a corresponding bar in the background music. Therefore, as the speed accelerates, so does the BPM (beats per minute). In this game, the player’s goal is to travel as further as possible or, in other words, to survive as long as possible.

Tutorial Level Screen Recording

From several playtest activities, I received many suggestions for a clearer instruction design and agencies of feedback. In return I made this tutorial level that explains players about control and objectives in this game.

For more details, here's the complete design document of the original version of this project:

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