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Euler Path Game

Medium: Game Demo and Design Document

Project Type: Group Project in School

Date: 4/29/2023

video of one demo level

Euler path is an abstract math concept that students usually learn about in higher education in the American education system. It’s a path that uses every edge of a graph exactly once. The famous application of the Euler path is Seven Bridges of Königsberg–what’s the path that a traveler has to take in order to pass each bridge only once? The solution to this well-known math problem lays the foundation of graph theory in mathematics.

Fascinated by this idea, we as educational game designers want to design a learning game that teaches students who are 12 years old plus about the idea of Euler paths. Our game follows the protagonist, who has to traverse various bridges to reach their goal. Along the way, the protagonist will move through different levels, each with a graph of a figure. Each of the graphs  in the first few levels have eulerian paths, and as they traverse these levels, they interact with helpful NPC’s that explain the rules behind Eulerian paths and how to determine whether or not a graph has them. Finally, once the full definition is uncovered, students will be able to apply this new knowledge to pick appropriate graphs to traverse and find the correct path to take.

In the development of this simple demo, I used Unity3D and free assets in Unity asset store. The purpose of this demo is to demonstrate the control, narrative, visual, and substancialization of an abstract math concept. Meanwhile, it also showcases my skills and experience of Unity, assets, and C#. I'm able to deliver this demo within 8 hours of development.

Complete Design Document:

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