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The Exploration of Trauma in Memories

Medium: design document and video game demo

Project Type: group project in school

Date: 4/17/2023

Game Functionalities Prototype

Mental health is an extremely important topic. However, it can be difficult to talk about, and despite their struggles many prefer to suffer in silence. Mindmaze hopes to change that. Mindmaze is a 3rd person RPG where players explore their character’s subconscious to work through mental health issues. With numerous rooms of hidden memories, secrets, and events that affect mental health, Mindmaze helps players connect with a character who faces their same struggles. By working through their character’s grief, players will be able to identify their own triggers, and identify helpful and safe coping mechanisms that can help them work through their issues. Mindmaze is the perfect way for players to explore the complexities of mental care through a well-designed and immersive experience. Mindmaze provides them with a safe space, one that they might struggle to find beyond the game...

For more details, the complete design document is available here:

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