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Other Mediums

My works of all other mediums, including podcast, motion graphics, and Augmented Reality.

Podcast Cover.png


Medium: Podcast

Target Audiences: Young Adults, International Students in NYC

Description: Two Broke Student's Guide to finding a home without a huge hole in your pocket.

Date: April 2023


The Immigrants

Medium: AR Sculpture

Target Audience: Myself

Description: A scanned and re-textured version of "The Immigrants" sculpture in Battery Park NYC. 
Date: May 2023

Blender_ [E__Blender Files_The Immigrants.blend] 2023_5_15 1_45_40.png
Masses Cover.png



Medium: Simulation

Target Audience: Young Adults, Social Media Users

Description: A web-based simulation of content moderation on social media platform. 

Date: May 2020, May 2023


Medium: Motion Graphics

Target Audiences: Beginners of Discrete Math

Description: An animation explainer using the narrative of a fantasy adventure to introduce some basic graph theory concepts and intrigue audiences into discrete math.

Date: May 2023

The Adventure of Chroma and the Graph Coloring Quest - NYU Stream - Google Chrome 2023_5_1
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