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A collection of game-related projects I made, both in-school and off-campus.

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Originated from a design project. The game aims to improve users' performance in inhibitory control, inspired by the Stroop Test.

I'm in charge of all aspects of technical development for this project.

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A project that aims to design and build a game of Indian Mythology, inspired by Assasin's Creed's Discovery Tour. Demo scene is developed in Unreal Engine 5.

A group project that aims to design and build a game that teaches some principles in Graph Theories, Eulerian Paths&Circuits, and Discrete Math. The demo level is built in Unity in a short period of time.

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A short project for Narratives in Design course. It explores opportunities of using video game and its narrative to tackle sensitive and traumatic topics metaphorically.

There is a design document and a unity demo of functionalities I built to support design choices.

3D 2D lighting Demo 2023_4_22 18_48_17.png
Seasaw Simulation 2023_4_22 19_36_54.png

A digital learning aid of simple machines and basic physics, targeted to young learners. 

Built in Unity with free 3D assets.


A rogue-like platformer shooting game I built as a hobby in December 2020.

Category: Tabletop Game

Span: January 2020

Position: Member of a team of four

Role: Everything, mostly designing the game mechanism


Category: Board Game, a project of personal favor

Span: May 2021

Position: Chief Game Designer, member of a team of three

Responsibilities: project management, game design, graphic design, building prototype on Tabletop Simulator

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