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Duck Nukem

"A" for left, "D" for right.      "S" for down, "space" for jump.        Use mouse to aim, left-click to shoot.

Medium: Video Game

Project Type: Individual hobby project in free time

Date: 2020.12.20

This is a 2D platformer rogue-lite game for browsers that support HTML5. The player controls "Duck Nukem," a character inspired by Duke Nukem. The game's objectives are to explore down, collect items, and hunt monsters.


There are 12 enemies and 17 collectible items, including consumables, relics, and weapons. I coded it all by myself with no reference. The programming language I used is javascript, with support from p5.js libraries. As for graphic and sound design, I drew the weapons and items. And the rest of the assets, including monsters, the protagonist, background images, sound effects, and background music, are license-free assets I downloaded from the Internet. The level designs are automatically generated, which means the enemies' stats are determined by how strong the players' characters are. There is no designed ending for this game, but the expected gaming length is around 20 minutes. Because even if the monsters' stats are still increasing, there won't be any changes in their spirits and behavior patterns. Besides, there is be a chance for crash from data overflow when the game lasts too long. It was the first game I made, and I learned what I could within a time limit of two weeks.

The embedded version might have compatibility issues depending on your browsers, a Fullscreen Playable Link is below:

Drop Items Encyclopedia


Health Potion.png

Restore Health

Health Potion

AT Shield.png

Block incoming projectiles for 15 seconds

​AT Shield

Red Dull.png

Increase movement speed for 15 seconds

Energy Drink


Aikon Phone.png

"A lengendary product from a legendary cell phone company. "

Reduces incoming damage when you are in the air.

Aikon Phone

Anotomy Gloves.png

"A pair of gloves from a notorious hannibal character in fictions. "

Heal you when you execute enemies from close distances.

Atonomy Gloves

Crit Dice.png

"Can you think of any roguelike game without a crit enhancer?"

Increase your Crit Chance.

Crit Dice

Heart of Iron.png

"Time to show everybody who's the toughest one in the show."

Reduce incoming damage when your health is low.

Heart of Iron

Overheat Cog.png

"Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger." Accelerates map scrolling speed, enemies growth, and character growth.

Overheat Cog

Ranger Hat.png

"These creatures are disgusting, gotta keep distant."

Increase your damage based on your distance to enemies.

Ranger Hat

Rapid CD.png

"Higher RPM, more fire power."

Increase your weapon's shooting rate.

Rapid CD

Red Pill.png

"Take the Red Pill and ignore laws of physics."

You can jump one more time in the air.

Red Pill

Ruthless Staplers.png

"Don't tell me you never tried to fire a stapler like a pistol."

Your damage to enemies now aggregate bleed effect.

Rutheless Stapler

XL Bullet.png

"XL Bullet, not XL Magnum."

Your crit now deals more damage.

XL Bullet


Default Rifle.png

"A standard rifle with a moderate fire rate and decent accuracy."

Default Rifle


"A powerful close-range weapon that fires multiple pellets at once."

Stronger knock-back effect.



"A mysterious weapon that shoots a continuous beam of void matter, dealing damage over time."

Void Saber

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