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Roaming Around Rentals

Medium: Podcast

Target Audiences: Young Adults and International Students in NYC

Learning Objectives: Knowledge and Strategies about renting houses in NYC

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NYC Rental _ Tanvi (version 2), Jianhao MaTanvi, Jianhao
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Roaming Around Rentals is a two-part podcast series that guides international students through the challenges of finding affordable housing in New York City. Join Jianhao and Tanvi, two international students, as they share their experiences navigating the city's rental market on a tight budget. This engaging audio narrative aims to educate and empower listeners, providing them with the resources they need to feel confident about finding a home in New York City. From understanding the local housing market to exploring neighborhoods, negotiating leases, and managing roommate relationships, Roaming Around Rentals covers all the essentials. Tune in to learn valuable tips, discover the power of social learning, and immerse yourself in the real-world context of renting a house in the Big Apple.

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